Advocacy and Counseling

We define advocacy as speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves, with their consent. Through the experiences our clients share with us, we witness the cracks in the system that continue to criminalize and re- traumatize them. Our advocacy ranges from being a silent supporter in a court room to aggressively vocalizing the needs of clients who feel they are not being heard or valued.

As counselors, we believe in meeting clients where they’re at; this means that we do not judge and do not project our own expectations or ideals upon our clients. Counseling sessions may involve healing from past trauma, creating safety plans, developing future educational and employment goals, and maintaing current emotional stability.

All of our services are absolutely free, are offered within 24 hours of a referral, and are lifelong. Though there are commonalities, each client is unique. Therefore, our approach is to consider the individual’s specific needs and trauma when providing counseling, advocacy, and resources.